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Decentralized Exchange like Bakeryswap - Build your Own Swap Exchange with Enormous Features!

Decentralized Exchange like Bakeryswap is a way where you can build and launch your own DeFi exchange platform which is based on Binance Smart Chain. With integration of many features you can easily provide an Automated Market Maker option to empower all the decentralized operations inside the cryptocurrency trading.

Features of a Decentralized Exchange like Bakeryswap

For a passive income, lots of features can be embedded on the Decentralized Exchange like Bakeryswap that offers a wide range of solutions. Multiple services like staking, cryptocurrency launchpad & yield farming have been summarised with our script to provide unique enhancement for your business.

We develop a decentralized exchange platform like Bakeryswap with unique features added thus to create a huge impact on the trade such as,

  • Smart contracts
  • Swapping mechanism
  • Bakery Gallery
  • ETH 2.0
  • Gamification
  • Yield farming integration
  • Info-analytics
  • Exchange APIs

Some of the highlights are:

Bakery Gallery: An optimized marketplace of the Bakery environment was implemented to attract huge collectors and artists in the same place.

You can reach anything easily under the NFT category inside the Bakery gallery drops such as,

  • BSC Artists
  • Featured Artists
  • Meme Contests.

In an intention to help the featured artist by providing great exposure, bakery gallery works to attain more talents that guides to a worthy trade.

Gamification: Surprisingly, our decentralized exchange platform will offer you an exclusive game box especially for the $POKER and $SOCCER holders. On the Binance Smart Chain, this gamification protocol works by partnering with Top Gaming platforms,

  • MyNeigbhor Alice
  • Alien world
  • Battle pets

The above features will be an extra add-on for the users to attain a more impressive set of earning.

Info Analytics: The history of transactions and the stats about the price of BNB for a period of 24 hours on a complete sequential information will be provided. The swapping made a lot easier with these analytic reports which will be provided by the application.

ETH 2.0: Acquiring made easy with the launch of ETH 2.0 for liquidity farming that benefits the ETH holders.

Benefits of our Bakeryswap like Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchange like Bakeryswap celebrates by keeping the same like Bakeryswap does with its recent updates and announcements. Many come as a user here to Bakeryswap because of its user engaging news and upgrades to its users on a regular basis.

We always maintain the standard with our Bakeryswap like Decentralized exchange that helps even the first-time users & by assisting the entry-level participants.

Few of the vital news to be mentioned that states the success of Bakeryswap are:

Levyathan Partnering - First Crypto Index
NFT Services - Alchemy Toys Partnership

Mars Ecosystem IDO - DeFi Central Bank

Decentralized Exchange like Bakeryswap - The Concept

To develop a decentralized exchange like Bakeryswap with all the features designed on Bakeryswap also with additional integration of features according to your requirements. A simple overview of an abstract will help you understand our DeFi based DeX development. We have enhanced the decentralized exchange platform with fair vision distribution of tokens that contain “BAKE” inorder to hold pre-sale & pre-mine of tokens. Even with our ready-made DeX like Bakeryswap will consist of all the convenient features a product has to be that assist in attracting the users first. 

The help of Order books was one of the first to introduce on a Decentralized Exchange platform, facilitation of token swaps by implementing the AMM (Automated Market Maker) protocol. In a world of Crypto Competitors, the alliance of NFT and DeFi in a Bakery was announced by Bakeryswap that shocked others in the global market. By establishing new features where the users get benefited more with less cost in transactions was the first attempt. 

So, developing a decentralized exchange platform like Bakeryswap will be a sophisticated money bank to you through the crypto trades.

How does it work?

While many food-themed theme projects are in the works at DeFi, being distinctive in making a wise move is required to perform at the top of the market. Bakeryswap arranged a new set of protocols in the system of work to get a separate place under decentralized exchange.

By using only three simple layers, our decentralized exchange platform is able to provide a wide range of benefits to consumers,

  • Launchpad
  • NFT Supermarket
  • Liquidity Provision

Launchpad: Depending on your investment, get a kitten, a rabbit, or a puppy to fight in a "Launchpad" similar to Binance. This module benefits both investors and the token launchpad itself, by allowing anyone with BAKE tokens to purchase Ethereum token launches.

Bakeryswap's "HyFi IDO" whitelist is the newest addition to the launchpad. This new IDO has attracted a lot of initiatives, and it's a little tough to get involved because of the huge demand.

NFT Supermarket: A marketplace for NFT has been listed on Bakeryswap, allowing decentralized trading for some new entrance upcoming artists in the space. Users can trade on a large number of attractive abstract digital artworks.

Using MetaMask & BAKE token to purchase an NFT from the supermarket is simple. Buying through MetaMask is a good idea because you'll have complete control over your keys, which will allow you to engage with a variety of platforms.

Liquidity Provision: On Automated Market Maker, providing liquidity to keep the asset price stable without changing it is a typical practice. The Liquidity feature automates the DeFi farming experience in terms of production and profit generation.

As a result, these simple layers of protocols serve as a feature that allows users to Swap and Exchange assets.

Why choose Us for your Bakeryswap like Decentralized Exchange?

Roboto360 is a renowned DeFi development company that offers a DeFi Exchange that allows you to create your own DEX platform with advanced trading features. It is simple to integrate an add-on for some fascinating functions that will make your transaction inside the crypto-world in delivering more liquidity with a Bakeryswap like DeFi Exchange.

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Build your own Decentralized Exchange like Pancakeswap on BSC

Decentralized Exchange like Pancakeswap is the emergence and rise of cryptocurrency is reshaping the financial industry. DeFi was able to branch out beyond banking because of crypto's economic flexibility. DeFi solutions are now accessible in a wide range of formats and business sectors.

Decentralized finance platforms have grown in popularity over the last few years. Out of all of them, PancakeSwap attracted the most merchants. Following PancakeSwap's breakthrough, plenty of entrepreneurs and businesses have flocked to the site, opting to construct a PancakeSwap clone on BSC in the hopes of emulating the platform's success.

The main goal of creating a PancakeSwap clone script is to provide a better user-friendly interface and experience for users. According to multiple reports, PancakeSwap is one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the market. It has an order book of 4.5 billion dollars every day.

Decentralized Exchange like Pancakeswap: Know What it is ...

A Decentralized Exchange like Pancakeswap can be used to create a copy of PancakeSwap. Binance Smart Chain was the first to build the PancakeSwap exchange's replacement architecture or code. The clone script is a copy of a platform that aims to deliver similar solutions and services.

This script can be integrated into the Binance Smart Chain network with minimal development time. You can also audit the clone script for any potential security flaws. The platform's smooth operation can be aided by regular examination.

Why a DeX like Pancakeswap is required?

Ethereum, the most prominent Blockchain network, is currently supporting DeFi applications. Furthermore, the platform is crucial in expanding the profile of DeFi apps around the world. Ethereum has a lot of potential, but it also has certain flaws. Due to complications such as high gas expenditures and frequently limited bandwidth, users are obliged to seek an alternative solution.

As a result, a viable Ethereum alternative is critical. The Binance Smart Chain network enters the scene at this point. The platform boasts low saturation rates and inexpensive trading fees.

Features of our Decentralized Exchange like Pancakeswap that You Can't Find Anywhere Else

When creating a PancakeSwap clone on BSC, there are certain elements of PancakeSwap that may be used to attract users and help to the success of your exchange. The following are the most salient features.


The Automated Market Maker model is a new protocol. Trading, swapping, and other crypto-related functions are all automated with the help of the model. This concept has the potential to increase platform efficiency while removing the need for third-party solutions. The DeFi platform's ability to function properly is significantly hampered by the lack of external authorities.

Token Swap

Two people trade one cryptocurrency for another using the crypto exchange mechanism, which improves transactional efficiency. Users can earn awards by routinely exchanging tokens on the platform, and token swapping can result in prizes.

Lottery Mechanism

Implement an open and egalitarian lottery machine to enhance the trading of your native tokens. This method can be used by the user to enter drawings and earn native tokens as a reward. The tokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency and withdrawn whenever you want.

Yield Farming

When creating a PancakeSwap clone on BSC, the notion of Yield farming can be used. It can be done to make it easier for users to pool their tokens and provide liquidity to other investors. As a result of this process, users may obtain awards in the form of native tokens. You can add a variety of yields and liquidity combinations depending on your needs.


Miners combine their computer power and make it available to the cloud as a service. A user's staking winnings are greatly increased when they join the pool. In exchange for their work, miners might receive a number of bonuses and tokens.

Advantages of creating a PancakeSwap Clone Script

  • Users can easily exchange and switch tokens thanks to the clone script.
  • A wide range of crypto wallets can be supported by the platform. These wallets can be used to store assets as well as to conduct transactions.
  • To make the pairing process smooth and simple, the platform uses the AMM paradigm.
  • By staking the tokens in their wallets, users can earn a number of rewards.
  • Smart contracts on the platform boost user trust by allowing them to track the process from start to finish.
  • Smart contracts on the platform boost user trust by allowing them to track the process from start to finish.
  • By its very nature, the clone ensures absolute security, making it nearly impossible to alter, falsify, or tamper with the data.

How Does Pancakeswap like Decentralized Exchange Work?

To make seamless and faster transactions, the PancakeSwap clone script employs the AMM (Automated Market Making) concept. The AMM method simplifies the process of matching traders in the liquidity pool. After properly registering their wallets, new users can use their cryptocurrency and contribute to the growing liquidity pool. After donating, the user becomes eligible for transaction fees and liquidity provider tokens. These LP (Liquidity Providing) tokens can be staked to make a lot of money. Staking liquidity pool tokens results in the creation of CAKE tokens. In exchange for extra tips, CAKE tokens can be staked.

Pancakeswap: A Quick Overview

PancakeSwap is the first food-based decentralised platform in the crypto industry. Decentralized trade, token pooling, and token exchange were all made easier. The platform is unique in that, in addition to the other features, it contains an Automated Market Making tool.

One of PancakeSwap's most appealing features is that it allows users to hold their own currency, CAKE, a BEP-20 token. A 1:1 SYRUP coin is available to everyone who stakes a CAKE. If a person already owns a SYRUP token, they can share a fourth of their CAKE emission in an equitable manner.

The liquidity strategy used by the platform is well-known. It has a variety of high liquidity features that serve to increase the functionality of the token. Stakeholders can also benefit from these strategies by enhancing the token's pooling efficiency.

Why choose Roboto360 for your Decentralized Exchange like pancakeswap?

The development of a decentralized exchange like pancakeswap on BSC necessitates the help of a seasoned blockchain development firm. The firm you hire should have the knowledge and technological know-how to produce a trustworthy DeFi clone script.

We have the technological know-how and subject expertise to provide world-class services for the development of a defi exchange like pancakeswap. We listen to your needs and provide a clear roadmap to help you navigate and accelerate your development.

Schedule a free demo of one of our PancakeSwap clone development projects, or connect with one of our subject matter experts to discuss your specific business requirements.

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Blockchain Smart Contract Development Services Why business needs Smart Contract?

Contracts that are available in digital format are known as smart contracts. It's a computer software that uses the Blockchain technology to digitally verify or enforce a contract's negotiation or fulfilment.

In this blog, you will discover "what is blockchain and smart contracts," as well as how to use smart contracts and blockchain technology to safeguard data and speed up business processes in your company or industry.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a framework for storing transactional records that collects data in groups, sometimes known as blocks, that contain sets of data. Blockchain technology is a means of storing data that makes manipulating, hacking, or scamming the system as a whole difficult or impossible.

Why smart contract development?

A smart contract is a computer system that keeps track of the terms of business agreements. These smart contracts, which are encoded and saved on the Blockchain, enable perfect security and decentralization, allowing you to replace traditional or paper contracts while saving time and money for your company. Apart from conventional smart contract development, we also offer Ethereum smart contract development and smart contract audit services, which may help you automate all of your company processes.

Learn more on Smart Contract Development Services!

What are blockchain-based Smart Contracts?

A smart contract is a digital agreement that allows you to verify, control, and execute it. It's a software that runs when predefined criteria are met and is stored on the blockchain. In essence, they assist in the removal of the intermediary by automating the execution of a transaction.

Smart contracts on the blockchain primarily allow anonymous individuals to carry out particular transactions and agreements without the need for outside enforcement, a central institution, or the legal system. The transactions are highly transparent, quick, irreversible, and traceable in their entirety.

Because all information recorded is immutable and safe, blockchain is the greatest and most appropriate platform for smart contracts. A smart contract's information is encrypted and stored on a distributed ledger, ensuring that the data stored in the blocks is never changed, lost, or deleted.

Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts; Considerations For Implementation

Decentralization Replaces the Centralized Business Model: Businesses or organizations rely on intermediaries to form specific relationships within a centralized business model, putting participants at risk. Furthermore, central business systems cannot ensure timely payments or contract execution.

Blockchains are where smart contracts are created and deployed. They're dispersed and unchangeable. There are numerous examples of smart contracts in various blockchain networks, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most well-known.

Benefits of Blockchain Smart Contracts

  • High Speed
  • Transparency and trust at a high level
  • High Level of Protection
  • Dealing directly with clients
  • Failure resistance
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Keeping records

Blockchain Smart Contract Focused Areas

Smart contract in Financial Services

This technology has a lot of promise for the financial services industry. Due to the faster processing time that smart contracts give in investment banking, loan settlement cycles can be cut in half. As a result, clients are pleased with the faster processing time, and customer satisfaction improves.

At the same time, as a result of increased efficiency, investment banks are experiencing decreased operational costs.

Smart contract in Insurance

Smart contracts on the blockchain could also be employed in the insurance industry. Isn't it true that the insurance industry today lacks automated administration? An insurance claim can take several months to be paid and processed. Smart contracts based on the blockchain can aid in the simplification and streamlining of the process by automatically launching an insurance claim when specific circumstances are met. As a result, specific information or details could be saved on the blockchain network in order to pre-determine a specific reimbursement amount.

Smart contracts in Healthcare Industry

Patient medical records are extremely valuable in healthcare, and they are frequently targets of cyberattacks. As a result, industry leaders are constantly working to improve security measures in order to safeguard electronic health records and sensitive data.

Health records can be securely kept and encrypted using blockchain and smart contracts, with access granted to particular, preset individuals. Prescription fillings, for example, can be automated, resulting in faster processing and a better patient experience.

Smart contract in Real Estate

Smart contracts are commonly used in real estate to record and transfer property ownership. A buyer normally does not want to send the money until the property is registered in his name. A seller, on the other hand, is hesitant to transfer ownership before receiving payment. Until now, third parties were required to complete a transaction.

This eliminates the need for intermediaries such as lawyers or brokers, allowing the transaction to move at a faster pace. Both the buyer and the seller may rest easy knowing that they are not losing anything by carrying out their end of the bargain.

Why Roboto360 For Your Smart Contract Development?

As a Blockchain Development Company in UK we use an agile methodology, we create secure Smart Contracts that are tailored to your business's needs and architecture. Smart contracts empower your company with the benefits of business automation. Our enterprise-grade smart contract solutions increase operational efficiency while lowering costs and reducing human labor for crucial procedures, Our smart contracts are reaching company goals and resolving complicated operational difficulties in a smooth manner.

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